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"Dee Lloyd is everything you want in an editor: intuitive, creative, thorough, and professional. She has the rare ability to improve an author’s writing without tampering with an author’s voice. Her editing skills garnered me several major awards and an equally-as-major New York multi-book contract. But more than that, she’s a simply a joy to work with."
Linnea Sinclair, RITA® award-winning author of

"Dee Lloyd was my editor at LTDBooks. I loved having Dee for an editor. Her eye for detail kept me on my toes.  She never impeded my voice, and in my mind that makes a great editor. I always felt safe passing my work into her competent hands." -- Monette Michaels

“I've had the pleasure of working with Dee Lloyd over the course of many years. Her professionalism and expertise are tremendous assets to authors looking for that careful eye to help hone their work and publishers seeking quality in their editorial staff.” - Caitlyn Willows, Award Winning Author

I am the award-winning author of seven Romantic Suspense/Mystery novels. During my six years as Senior Editor with LTDBooks, many of the novels I edited won or reached the finals of prestigious contests. As my editing experience is confined to novel length fiction, I edit only fiction works with a minimum length of 40,000 words. I work only with electronic manuscripts in Microsoft Word.

FEES per 1000 words (provided there are not excessive spelling and language problems):

  • For content editing (dealing with plot, pacing, atmosphere, description and characterization and dialogue issues): $5.00.
  • For a line edit (pointing out typos, spelling and punctuation errors, inaccurate diction, unnecessary or omitted spaces): $5.00.


1. Send me a query by email stating your writing and publishing experience. Include a two or three sentence description of your story. Make sure to give me the word count. Attach the first 1000 words (no more please) in RTF format.

2. I will, after reading the 1000 words, return them to you with a free edit of the section and a statement of my fee. The fee is payable in advance.

3. Please send the manuscript in a single file in single spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, in RTF format.

4. I will do a thorough edit of the manuscript once only. Of course, I will correspond with the author by email to clarify any issues or discuss changes.

5. If a further edit is necessary, the cost will be dependent on the amount of time required to do it.